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THE PLAYROOM STUDIO was founded by brothers, Daniel & Matthew Valaitis who between them have over 12 years experience in peforming, teaching and recording. The studio itself was established at the start of 2018 and has since become a hub of musical learning and development in Harlow. In that year we have taught hundreds of students, and gathered a loyal client base of Rappers and Singer-Songwriters who trust us time after time to deliver the production they want.
The Studio was built to be a space that welcomes and respects everybody's creativity.



Learn the Guitar, Singing or both?

Take a lesson for any number of reasons! To master a passion, one off's for an upcoming performance, to fulfil a life-long dream or just for fun.

We are both level 3 music practitioners, currently teaching choir classes at the Body Work Theatre Company in Cambridge. We have been teaching there together for a number of years, in that time we’ve been involved in the writing and teaching of our own original show concepts, which we have taught both within a term and also as a week long summer school programme, taking children as young as 4, and teaching them a complete show concept (adapting on the go when necessary) to a performable standard, and putting it on for the parents, with live band accompaniment in various theatres. Between us we have also taught private vocal and guitar lessons for 4 years.
    30 Minutes - £15
    Per Hour - £25
    (why not try 30 minutes of guitar and another 30 minutes of singing back to back for £25?)

The pricing includes at least one person assisting with the engineering/producing of the session, offering insight and general assistance throughout the experience. All completed songs will be mixed within 2 weeks of record date to specification, with updates and adjustments throughout.

    Per Hour - £30


    Condenser Microphone -AKG C414 XLII
    Dynamic Mic - SM57 , SM58
    Interface - Focusrite Pro Saffire 40
    Instruments -
      Yamaha L-Series Semi Acoustic Guitar
      Full scale Yamaha electric wall piano with weighted keys and pedals.
      Natal Cajon
      MIM Fender Stratocaster
    Programme- Logic Pro X Plugins - Diamond Waves, Melodyne auto tune.

On location

We are bringing the recording studio to you, capturing music in just about any setting, and bringing out the beauty of your chosen location .

Working along side Navid Asghari a composer known for BAFTA award-winning Murdered for Being Different (2017), Murdered by My Boyfriend (2014) and Operator (Short 2015).

Take a listen to some examples of our work...






To Hire the Studio or to Enquire about Lessons CONTACT US - call us at 07843886645 or email us

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